Three Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Challenges You Can Overcome

When you choose a drug addiction rehabilitation program, you're making a decision that'll benefit your health for years to come. While this journey towards a better future comes with excellent results, there are challenges you may face on the way. Fortunately, arming yourself with the right advice can help you overcome any difficulties you may face. Relapsing once away from a treatment centre When you leave your treatment environment, you may find that the urge to relapse grows significantly. [Read More]

Tackling The Challenge Of Retirement

As you get older and approach retirement, it's not uncommon for you to experience mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Counselling can help with this, but there are also things you can do to help cope with how you feel. Read on for some helpful advice. Coping with retirement If you've worked for all of your life, retirement can be devastating and feelings of a lack of purpose and value are not uncommon amongst the newly retired. [Read More]

Marital Roles: Problems Associated With Role Sharing And Tips On How To Share Marital Roles Effectively

Sharing marital roles can become a source of conflict in your marriage, especially if you fail to address the issue the in right way. The success in sharing marital roles fairly between you and your spouse is based on how well you are able to define and embrace these roles. Below are some essential tips that can help you share marital roles effectively. Avoid Ambiguity Sharing roles in an ambiguous manner is one of the key issues that cause conflict in a marriage. [Read More]

Dancing in The Rain: Ways to cope with Depression After an Unexpected Divorce for Women over 40

While estimates show that about one in every three Aussie marriages will end in divorce, there is no secret that an unexpected divorce can lead to depths of emotion, especially for women over 40. What you thought would never occur to you after a 20-year marriage has happened. Dealing with a divorce after all these years of marriage can be a frightening time filled with uncertainty, difficulties, and challenges. As a 40+-year-old woman, a divorce will often hit you harder as you try to navigate a new life, with fewer resources, more child-related responsibilities, and the challenges of dating again. [Read More]